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We break our KY law practice into auto accident and personal injury, medical malpractice, criminal law, divorce and family law, and workers compensation and social security. Use our Areas of Practice menu for specifics relating to each area.

Auto Accidents

A car accident can be a traumatic experience – not only for the individual that is hurt, but their family as well. More informa

Personal Injury

Our information under personal injury offers a comprehensive look into what you can expect from Blau & Kriege in personal inju

Divorce and Family Law

Family law, particularly divorce and custody, can be one of the most complex and emotional areas of law. Robert Blau has over thr

Workers Comp Injuries

Every week, we receive phone calls from Northern KY residents that have suffered a work injury and are having difficult time beca

Social Security Law

Is a physical and/or mental disability keeping you from working?

If you are sick, injured, or suffer from a psychological pr

Estate Planning

This area of law has taken on a new name – Elder Law. The main elements of Elder Law are Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, Probat